Philosophy – 3


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100 Word Challenge – 3


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Polyjuice Potion 100 Word Challenge 3

Thanks to Luke Neff for the story prompt.

Making Round Houses


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Rome Class make Iron Age style Round Houses

Peace Child Production – Year 3/4


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Peace Child from Mr Smith on Vimeo.

The mythical Polyjuice


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It all started when I found a bottle of Polyjuice on the side of the skate park . . .

It looked like a drink so I drank it. Once, I drank something like that a few years ago, it was delicious. So I said to myself  I want to be daddy because then I can boss people about  like he does to us.

I had a great time because I got to crash daddy’s car into the side but I don’t think he is going to be happy. But its been three quarters of an hour and I only have one quarter left. I went back home pretending to be daddy and doing a bit of his work that I knew what to do with it.

The next thing I knew, the Polyjuice had worn off so I was me again.  I was right, daddy was cross because I crashed his car.





Rainforest slideshow


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Mr. Smith I have made a slideshow but I don’t know how to attach it could you please tell me how to do it?….

The Polyjuice potion


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If I had a Polyjuice potion that lasted an hour I would use it to turn into an Olympic swimmer because I think that it would be exciting to swim in a huge pool and have a chance to win a medal. I also love to compete in swimming races, so to be able to swim brilliantly  would be a lot of fun. I would also be on TV  and the crowd would be cheering and screaming and waving flags in the air. My name would be famous. If I won a medal, it would be something I would remember forever.

Philosophy Time -2


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Lucun 100 Word Challenge


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Once upon a time I went to go to bed. I went upstairs and I heard a loud noise. I got scared and ran down stairs. I ran through the door as quick as the wind and I said “mum there’s a loud noise” and suddenly!!!!!!!!!!!!! I heard a bang. My mum and I got scared so my mum called daddy as quick as she could and daddy got in his car and he  zoomed across the street. Then he got to our house and went upstairs nervously and he opened the door. And BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The window smashed loudly .Suddenly it all went silent.



Find out about David Lawerence Jones


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In preparation for the visit tomorrow would you please have a look at the website and think of two quality questions:

Sophie’s 100 wc


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Cold and sodden,damp and wet I walked through the misty cave. I could see some figures. As the figures came closer I saw they were aliens. When they passed me they grabbed me and put me in a sack. When we got there we were in a magical land which had ghosts, fairies, witches and giants.I asked a giant where we were but he just said gog,gog and gog. So I asked a ghost what gog,gog and gog meant and he said it meant who are you.I just replied I need to go home.